Quality results
Katholisches Klinikum Koblenz-Montabaur

G-IQI 5.1 As of: 16.04.2018
Year 2009

IQM Quality indicators

The translations of the indicators of the G-IQI 5.1 and CH-IQI 5.1 are partially preliminary, subject to correction.


Results of previous version

QSR-Results perennial

For certain members of IQM the QSR-Results perennial as of May 2018 are not yet available, including:
  • new IQM members who have joined IQM after the previous QSR evaluation
  • members who do not deliver any results according to tracers due to low numbers of cases
  • Swiss members for whom cross-sectoral results comparable to the QSR-Report (Germany) are unfortunately not available in Switzerland.

Quality report

Target value


Reference values respectively target values derive from the following sources:
  1. Federal Statistical Office, detailed diagnostic data of patients 2015 as calculation basis for the individual expected values of the hospitals.
  2. FDZ of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder, DRG-Statistics 2015. Own calculations.
  3. Source 1 and source 2.
  4. Kaiser D (2007) Mindestmengen aus thoraxchirurgischer Sicht. Chirurg, 78(11):1012-1017

Average value

Number of cases

The IQM quantity information (total) is given as an average value and in brackets as a median.

Hospital Effective value

Number of cases

Expected value

The expected value includes the expected mortality of our patients according to age and gender and is only indicated for those indicators with comparative figures of the federal average which allow calculations.


The SMR (standardized mortality ratio) is the quotient of the mortality observed (average value) and the expected value.
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